High-Octane Gamelit and LitRPG

Competitive Adventure

Havoc Squad vs. King. The Banshee vs. the Betrayer. The Wild Crows vs. everyone. Brutal brackets and Bonus XP for Style, Thrilling Heroics, Famous Last Words, and even Stumping the GM.

All across the forty unique level terrains and exotic locales of the Tower, where only the very best and toughest compete.

Enduring, Diverse Friendships

Meet Spectrum-driven Mercenaries, bad-ass, chaotic Rogues, BFG-wielding Cinnamon Roll Warriors, and Magnificent Mavens of Melee and Magic. Not to mention ferociously loyal teammates and steadfast allies.

Over-The-Top Action

Explosions. Skin-of-your-teeth survival. Nail-biting combat that can go either way at any time. General destruction and mayhem, just for funsies. Clawing all the way to the top, only to be knocked back down–how many have it in them to climb again?

Did we say explosions? Lots and LOTS of explosions.

Laugh Out Loud Funny

“She loved ambushes. They were like surprise parties for Mercenaries.”

~Artemis Kane, Red Moon Rising Book 1: Wasteland

Come for the Game, stay for the experience–if you can survive.

Are you ready?